It’s time to break out of the ‘framing’ that associates planet-friendly ideas with giving up oldc-veg WPhaving fun and having to go on protests instead! (Actually protests can be a lot of fun these days – the angry people seem to have gone somewhere else.)

Lifestyle can make a huge difference to better health both for ourselves and for the planet. Growing some of our own food means exercise, fresh air, and food without pesticides. No garden? Fresh herbs in a window box instead? Or the social life you get while shopping at a farmer’s market?


Don’t like factory farms but don’t want to give up meat entirely? Look for free range, oldc-sheep WPlocal organic, or chat to the farmer on the local market stall. It’s probably more expensive so use less, maybe a little less often, and reap the health benefits.


Electric cars are increasing in numbers as well as (at last!) starting to decrease in price. And the old objection to lack of charging points has virtually disappeared. Check out for UK, and there are equivalents for other countries.

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