D.A.N.C.E; 14/16 Aug

A gloriously sunny weekend with an inspired group of people who have really made the connection between inner awareness and outer action!

o-c 2 julian dance


9 thoughts on “D.A.N.C.E; 14/16 Aug

  1. Visiting website and saw this. Very inspiring to see so many people getting together and sharing inner vision with outer action! How to find out if any more events like this?


    1. Dear planetworker, thanks for your comment. Events are organised within DANCE quite often in different places around the country. They tend to be advertised on our website: thedancewebsite.org and Facebook page (search for dharma action network). It would be great to meet you! Warmly, Julia


  2. Good company in a beautiful place. Many positive connections made. Thank you Elaine for your hospitality and the tasty meals you gave us. Thank you everyone for sharing this time together.

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  3. Thanks for hosting this Elaine. A beautiful setting which I’m sure contributed to the inspirational atmosphere. I felt like I’d been away for a week not a weekend: quiet but energised by Sunday…

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  4. Energising and restorative weekend in a gorgeous garden and comfortable home. Thank you Elaine for your care and cuisine. Thank you to the whole group for the deepening conversations about responding from our depth to these times of climate crisis.

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  5. Precious to be on well honoured land for such a weekend. Thank you to all the creative forces in and around Elaine for helping to nurture such a place. I definitely appreciate the simple and well designed structures on the land, serving as a good example for the focus of our weekend, replenishing us along the way.

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