Practical Biodynamics; 14/16 Jun

Fri 14 to Sun 16 Jun 2019
with Bernard Jarman

The biodynamic approach builds on the basic “organic” principle of working with nature and avoiding the use of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers. In this workshop we will explore how special preparations can be used to improve soil health, enhance plant vitality and produce quality crops. We will also learn how an understanding of the moon’s cycles can provide gardeners with a further tool for optimising growing conditions, improving quality and deterring pests. The weekend will also have a practical focus so come prepared for being outdoors too.

Bernard Jarman has been involved with biodynamic agriculture most of his life. He served first as chairman and then as director of the Biodynamic Association for over ten years, has managed a small biodynamic farm in North Yorkshire, co-founded and is currently a director of Stroud Community Agriculture and for more than the 26 years has been the estate manager at Hawkwood College near Stroud where he grows fruit vegetables, herbs and flowers for conference guests.

Participants are encouraged to bring sketches and photos of their farm, allotment, garden or window-box if they wish to ask specific questions about their own growing space.

The course starts on Friday evening and concludes after a late lunch at about 3 pm Sunday. The venue is in the beautiful Golden Valley, 9 miles from Hay on Wye.

Cost; £150, includes accommodation in twin or double rooms all meals + tea & coffee. (There are very few singles, please enquire if you need a single)

to book; please phone Angie at Resurgence on 01237 441 293

or email her on




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