Writers’ w/e; 2, 3, 4 Aug

An opportunity for writers, artists, bloggers and film-makers to spend a relaxing weekend sharing ideas across varied art forms.

This post is an invitation for participants to post their web-links in the comments below for some leisurely pre-weekend browsing and sharing!
(update; this weekend is now fully booked)

5 thoughts on “Writers’ w/e; 2, 3, 4 Aug

  1. I am trying to write a children’s book and I hope to work on it this weekend. I endeavour to be a freelance writer. I used to edit Positive News and an passionate about all the wide range of subjects we used to cover.


  2. Hello everyone, Kevin from Oxford here. I’m writing a science fiction novel set in the far future, and hope to self-publish later this year. My blog is at kevinelliott.space (if you sign up to my newsletter there you’ll receive a free short story).


  3. Hi, I’m Karin. I write about relationships and therapy and am at the moment in the throws of getting a non-fiction book about therapy ready to pitch to agents. It is a user friendly book written for anyone seeking therapy and their close relatives and friends. It is also useful for any aspiring counsellor or therapist.

    I am coming over from Northampton and will have space for 3 people. I can pick up on the way and like Richrd and Alice, I don’t mind reasonable diversions to pick you up. I will be going back the same way to a return ticket is fine. 🙂

    So looking forward to this weekend and I will definitely be bringing my swimming custume! 🙂

    Thank you Jay for this incredibly generous gift, I will be binging a bottle or two of wine plus some crisps and nuts. 😉


  4. I’m Richard and I write about the near future. Alice is an Art Historian.

    We will be going to the event from Essex on the 2nd and can give a lift to up to two people. On the 4th we are heading to Winchester if that’s any use. I realise that that means lifts both ways are a bit harder to arrange unless to/from locations nearer to Hay on Wye, but sensible diversions are fine if it makes something possible.

    Really looking forward to meeting everyone!


  5. I’m really looking forward to the weekend!
    Here are my web-links;
    I write SFF and the occasional contemporary thriller; my website is https://jayaspen.com
    I have twitter @JayAspen1 & instagram @JayAspen7 accounts but don’t use them much…

    I put my Amazon page link in as well and it auto-posted a huge cover, the whole page AND the book! Which I thought was a bit much. Seems Amz knows how to spread itself!


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