Writers’ w/e

Gorgeous weather, wonderful company, and buzzing conversation!

Everyone’s offers and wants seemed to match and much was learned…

7 thoughts on “Writers’ w/e

  1. I really enjoyed this and found it useful. Like an online forum only better, because we could discuss apparently contradictory suggestions and work out how these different experiences fit together. Then we could come up with answers that people could use.

    And it was nice to be able to take breaks away from laptops and notebooks and go for a walk or a swim, or just sit under the trees with a mug of coffee…


  2. That was great fun! And I learned a lot. Everyone here was already following one or more courses on writing and indie publishing (the internet is awash with them) and at last here was a chance to get hands-on help deciphering them and making them work. So we didn’t sit through more lectures, simply posted our wants and offers––and then matched them up and exchanged experiences!

    I was amazed at the collective knowledge within the group, (mostly discussing aspects of 101 or A4A or rocket) enough to sort several of my current points-of-getting-stuck––and I was surprised that I had already collected enough experience to be able to offer some useful tips as well. The group feedback sessions on individual chapters were also interesting, and I learned things even when it was someone else’s work being critiqued.

    Online discussion groups are great, but with a face to face get-together you can really get a lot more depth and detail with more back and forth in the conversation, whether in chapter feedback or help with tech aspects of running ads or formatting a book. Looking forward to another!


  3. This was a fab weekend. I went with few expectations other than meeting other writers. I did get some really useful feedback on my writing which I have already put into action, so thank you to you all for that. The host was incredibly welcoming and willing to help in whichever way she could and the setting was simply beautiful! I would go again if another weekend is being organised.

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  4. This was a great weekend for writers – really helpful feedback on our writing & an amazing guide ot how to get a book up onto the Amazon self-publishing platform. I learned a lot and the place is really a piece of heaven.

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  5. Fabulous weekend! I wanted to meet other writers and creatives with a range of experience and pick their brains about various issues with my writing. For me this was about getting feedback on my work and understanding more about the publishing process, where I can get more help, and key technologies. All my expectations were met, and some! The mix of informal conversations both with individuals and in groups was ideal. We all shared what we wanted to get out of the weekend and found ways between us to address everyone’s needs at some point. I was impressed by this approach – no formulas, no lectures, no slides, just a hugely helpful variety of points of view. And in such a beautiful and comfortable location too. Massive thanks to everyone, and especially for impeccable hosting!

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