We inspire individuals and business to adapt to healthier lifestyles for people and planet in a positive and enjoyable way, using insights from the new sciences and the creativity of the arts.

Our weekend courses bring theory together with practical hands-on experience with some of the foremost teachers in the country, in cooperation with Schumacher College and Centre for Alternative technology.

Who we are:
o-WP elaine
Elaine Brook is an ecologist, writer and photographer who lived and worked for 12 years in the Himalaya. She teaches Gaia Theory and Deep Ecology.

o-WP biancaBianca Madison – Vuleta is a consultant in nutrition, health & anti-ageing, & representative of Complementary Medical Association at the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Integrated and Complementary Healthcare.


Advisory Board

o-c satishAs editor of Resurgence, Satish Kumar pioneered a generation of holistic thinking.  He speaks and teaches worldwide from his early experiences as a Jain monk and in the Gandhian movement, as well as his ‘Peace Journey’ on foot from India to Paris, Moscow, London and Washington.

o-WP stephanDr Stephan Harding is Senior Lecturer at Schumacher College in Devon. He has worked on Gaia Theory with James Lovelock and his book Animate Earth gives a clear and in-depth explanation of the science of the living earth with deep insights into our relationship with all that lives.

o-WP peterPeter Harper is co-founder of the Centre for Alternative Technology in West Wales and combines his understanding of renewable technology with his experience of how people and communities interact with each other and their technology.

o-WP robinDr Robin Cook founded t.w.f.a. which enables young people to develop community skills through working on the land. In partnership with local organisations he transformed a derelict site into a productive educational space providing fresh food for the community.

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