Writers’ w/e; 2, 3, 4 Aug

An opportunity for writers, artists, bloggers and film-makers to spend a relaxing weekend sharing ideas across varied art forms. This post is an invitation for participants to post their web-links in the comments below for some leisurely pre-weekend browsing and sharing! (update; this weekend is now fully booked)


It’s time to break out of the ‘framing’ that associates planet-friendly ideas with giving up having fun and having to go on protests instead! (Actually protests can be a lot of fun these days – the angry people seem to have gone somewhere else.) Lifestyle can make a huge difference to better health both for … More Lifestyle

Weekend Courses

Rebuilding the Gaiapartnership website has been a wonderful opportunity to look back at all the happy weekends we’ve hosted over the last 15 years.   From Resurgence retreats with Satish Kumar, to designing eco-villages with Peter Harper of Centre for Alternative Technology, to learning about healing herbs, it has been a collaborative adventure in exploring … More Weekend Courses

Gaia Theory

Gaia Theory or Earth Systems Science, shows how all living beings in the biosphere are interconnected, keeping the planet in balance as if it were one living organism. Gaia Theory was first presented in the 1970s by scientist James Lovelock while working for the US space programme. He was asked to design experiments to detect life … More Gaia Theory